Art of Élan guides student leaders

  • to follow their individual passion
  • by using their innate abilities
  • to support your local needs

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Social Entrepreneurship

Art of Élan is fostering the creativity and leadership skills in the students of music programs around San Diego County by offering chamber music and performance demonstrations as a metaphor for entrepreneurship. Student leaders in extra-curricular organizations are the ones that also in turn demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and ingenuity in all aspects of their academics. Using chamber music as a metaphor for entrepreneurship, Art of Élan guides the music students through a self-exploration of their own individual affinities for leadership. Art of Élan coaches the students using video presentations, demonstrations, group discussions, and group presentations to collaborate and brainstorm various initiatives that the students can pursue. The students will gain the skills to collaborate with their peers to create an ensemble with a shared vision, launch the ensemble’s first community program, identify venues, develop a program based on the intended audience, identify means to market themselves, and ultimately develop an experience true to their unique mission that engages their chosen audience.

Interactive Performance

This Art of Élan Interactive Performance session is designed to lead the students and teachers to find ways of augmenting their own performances by using community engagement ideals that Art of Élan employs in its concert offerings. The Art of Élan Director of Community Engagement will inform the students using video presentations, lectures, handouts, group discussions, and group presentations to collaborate and brainstorm various concert presentations that the students can pursue. Using a performance of programmatic music as a metaphor, the Director of Community Engagement leads the group in a brainstorming session about a composer’s intention, images depicted through music, and the musical narrative in order to highlight the principles of interactive performance. In this session, the students gain the skills to create an ensemble, develop a concert program, designate the intended audience and demographic, develop the entry points for the audience to further their understanding of the underlying musical meaning, and lead activities for the audience to deepen their enjoyment of the program.

These students will initiate change amongst their peers and your local community.


Art of Élan offers support for students to present classical music in unique and exciting ways around the county to expose diverse audiences to the transformative power of music.